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Cambridge were singing in the rain at Twickenham as they ended the decade on a high and stopped Oxford from setting a record of eight wins in 10 years. This is what the coaches had to say after the game:


“It was a decent morning and then we lost Tressider in the warm-up, then Messum, then Humberstone and then our captain. It is a tradition that we like to lose our captain either before the game or during the game.

“It is a difficult pill to swallow. What we are trying to hold onto is the fact the Gods were against us, literally in terms of the weather and the way we were going to play. We knew exactly what they were going to bring.

There were a few turning points and a few decisions maybe. I don’t know if people were having an afternoon at the park, but I was a bit surprised and it is something that needs to be looked into because it needs to be taken a bit more seriously.

“The way Cambridge defended was outstanding and they played the conditions and the pitch brilliantly. They deserved it.


“Credit to us for not conceding a point, although had we lost I would have been very disappointed. We had the better side, but they lost some key players. If we didn’t get the victory I would have been disappointed and credit to them for staying in the fight.

“If I had had a day like that I would have been all over the shop. They still made it very hard for us.

“Patience was the key to our success and we didn’t get flustered. We stuck to what we have done all year. The try at the end put a bit of gloss on things. I was comfortable with the win in the end, but there were some uncomfortable moments along the way.

“I was a little bit more relaxed than I was in previous years with 10 minutes to go, although at 10-0 had they scored it might have been different.

“We learned from last year and it helped having the experience of James Horwill and Flip van der Merwe in the side.”

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