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If you want to pick a winner in the in the 150th anniversary men’s Varsity Match, presented by Jefferies, then why not take a look back at how the teams have performed on previous landmark occasions.

The Dark Blues were the first winners when they hosted the inaugural match at The Parks on 10 February 1872, but since then the anniversary dates and games have been dominated by Cambridge.

When looking at the 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th and 125th matches in the sequence, the Light Blues have won them all. They have also won the last four games played on anniversary years – 1922 (50 years), 1947 (75), 1972 (100) and 1997 (125).

Oxford’s record looks poor by comparison, yet over the 150 years there is only a small gap between the two great rivals. The complete record of games played reads: P 139 Ox 61 Cam 64 D 14